All our crystals and crystal products displayed on our website are genuine unless otherwise stated. We try to provide as much information as we can about each crystal but please feel free to contact us if you have any other queries.

We take our ethical responsibilities seriously. We seek assurances from all our suppliers that they treat their employees with respect and do not employ child labour.


  • Trim the Wick to 5mm before Each Lighting
  • When Lighting for the First Time, Allow Wax to Melt to the Edge of the Container
  • Always Place the Container on a Heatproof Mat to Protect Your Surface
  • Candle Container Will Be Hot after Burning – Allow to Cool Completely before Handling
  • Never Allow the Candle to Burn Right to the Base of the Container – This Could Cause a Potentially Hazardous Heat Build-up in a Localised Region of the Container
  • All Our Candles are Made from 100% Natural Plant Wax
  • You May Notice Variations or Sweating in the Wax – This Is Normal and Does Not Affect the Performance of the Candle


  • For Use with Ceramic Burner Only
  • Always Place Your Burner on a Heatproof Mat to Protect Your Surface
  • Remove Melt from the Wrapping or Container by Using a Knife to Cut the Wax into Smaller Pieces, Depending on the Size of Your Burner – Do Not Melt the Wrapping or Container
  • Wax Melts Contain Fragrance Oil
  • You May Notice White Vapour as the Oil Heats – This Is Normal as the Scent Is Released
  • To Remove, Wash away Hardened Wax in Hot Water
  • Dry Your Burner Thoroughly before Adding New Wax


Never leave a burning candle unattended or within reach of drafts, furnishings, pets or children. Do not consume any of our candle products and keep away from small children or pets.


Smudging is the burning of sacred herbs; a symbolic ritual or ceremony traditionally practised by some Native American tribes for spiritual cleansing, blessings, as well as for alternative healing.


Remove the packaging from your Sage/Palo Santo/Incense.


Hold in your hand and take 3-5 deep breaths before you start to smudge. This will help you to centre yourself.


Set your intentions (thoughts) towards cleansing/blessing your space or crystals. Light your Sage or Palo Santo and blow out the flame. You may need to repeat this a few times to get the smoke going.


Proceed to direct the smoke around your space, with intentions of removing any negativity or blessing your space. Also smudge yourself, as you accumulate negative energy too! At this point, you can say to yourself or out loud any prayers or affirmations.


After going around your entire home, you may extinguish your smudging tool for use at a later date of your choosing. If you are smudging crystals, please follow step 1 – 3 and then do the following:

  •  Hold the crystal in the palm of your hand and guide through the smoke with your intentions focused on removing any negative build-up.
  •  Once you have removed the negative aspect, feel free to give that crystal one job based upon the properties of that particular crystal.
  •  For example; rose quartz is a love crystal, so a job may help with self-love.

This is totally up to you, so own it!


Be sure to smudge the corners of your rooms as stagnant negative energy may settle there.
Go around your entire home and ensure these areas are covered, including cupboard interiors and other areas.

This guide should help you get started, but as you become more familiar with smudging, you will develop your own style very quickly and you’ll be able to smudge your home any time you want to!

Any further questions?

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