• Trim the Wick to 5mm before Each Lighting
  • When Lighting for the First Time, Allow Wax to Melt to the Edge of the Container
  • Always Place the Container on a Heatproof Mat to Protect Your Surface
  • Candle Container Will Be Hot after Burning – Allow to Cool Completely before Handling
  • Never Allow the Candle to Burn Right to the Base of the Container – This Could Cause a Potentially Hazardous Heat Build-up in a Localised Region of the Container
  • All Our Candles are Made from 100% Natural Plant Wax
  • You May Notice Variations or Sweating in the Wax – This Is Normal and Does Not Affect the Performance of the Candle


  • For Use with Ceramic Burner Only
  • Always Place Your Burner on a Heatproof Mat to Protect Your Surface
  • Remove Melt from the Wrapping or Container by Using a Knife to Cut the Wax into Smaller Pieces, Depending on the Size of Your Burner – Do Not Melt the Wrapping or Container
  • Wax Melts Contain Fragrance Oil
  • You May Notice White Vapour as the Oil Heats – This Is Normal as the Scent Is Released
  • To Remove, Wash away Hardened Wax in Hot Water
  • Dry Your Burner Thoroughly before Adding New Wax


Never leave a burning candle unattended or within reach of drafts, furnishings, pets or children. Do not consume any of our candle products and keep away from small children or pets.