Black Tourmaline Orgone Pyramid

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This is a handmade orgone pyramid with a black tourmaline crystal, perfect for use in energy healing practice (especially root chakra healing or any exercise involving grounding and protection) or as feng shui decor.

Black Tourmaline is a grounding and protecting stone associated with the root chakra. When your energy feels scattered and disconnected, black tourmaline can ground you and help you feel a stronger sense of presence in the Now. It is one of the best stones to use against EMF, and it repels all kinds of negative energy.

Approximate dimensions:
Height: 5 cm (2”) Base: 5 x 5 cm (2" x 2") Weight: 50 grams (1.8oz)

Orgone healing devices are made of resin, metals and quartz, and they strengthen your body's energy field, helping to protect you from man-made EMF radiation and negative energy. Orgone healing devices can help improve your life physically, emotionally and spiritually.