12 Seeds To Awaken Your Spirit



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12 Seeds to Awaken Your Spirit

By Amenti The Awakener


Have you ever felt that there was *more to this life* than you’ve been taught? _”To be a *master of your reality* you *must master yourself*.”_ _12 Seeds to Awaken Your Spirit_ is both a guidebook and a workbook filled with *ancient wisdom* for *modern times*. _Amenti the Awakener_ is like a *wise sage* who shares her story and sacred teaching in a way which provokes inner reflection and self discovery. *Take the journey* from the heavens and chart your way through the experience of life, with this jam packed compendium of *healing poetry*, *powerful exercises* and *guided meditations*. This book is one that has already proven to be an *indispensable life companion* for many. Amenti’s work is not so much about providing us with answers, insomuch as it *challenges and encourages* us to ask the *right questions* empowering us to see the *power within our pain* and *uncover the deepest truths within ourselves*. Therefore, our *answers come from within*, so that *universal truths* become *personal insights*. If you are on a *journey of self discovery* _awakening_ to *your true power* or if you are ready to begin your *spiritual healing journey* then this book is definitely for you! 12 Seeds to Awaken Your Spirit, By Spiritual Healer and Starseed Amenti The Awakener For more tips and daily guidance follow Amenti on social media Facbook: Amenti the Awakener Instagram: Amenti the Awakener YouTube: Amenti the Oracle /



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