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Bathsaltsology- Dream Pillow


Features a blend of lemon balm, lavender, cedarwood, clarey sage, mugwort, bergamont, chamomile in a pillow case


Dream pillows have been around for hundreds of years (since at least the sixteenth century, probably earlier). They’ve also been used historically to ward off evil spirits and induce dream visions.They’re simply filled with an assortment of dried herbs infused with essential oils. To use a dream pillow, place it inside your pillowcase. You can gently crush the herbs to release the smell if you would like a little more aromatherapy. Otherwise the herbs will offer a gentle, pleasant aroma that helps you drift off to sleep.

-Lavender flowers: Lavender calms the mind and body, as well as nurtures the nervous system and is known as an excellent remedy for insomnia & improve the quality of sleep.

-Chamomile flowers: Member of the daisy family, chamomile helps to relieve feelings of anxiety, stress & restlessness. Chamomile is a gentle sedative, which encourages easy rest & lasting restful sleep..

-Mugwort: An herb highly effective in dream enhancement & dream recall. May intensify dream texture, resolution and complexity and assist in furthering lucid dreaming..

-Lemon Balm: It is included in this blend to enhance the intention of sleep and relaxation, and the scent compliments the other combinations of herbs.

Essential oils of:-Ylang ylang: A sedative, also known for easing stress, depression, anxiety and overactive thoughts.

-Bergamot: Soothing to frazzled nerves, but simultaneously uplifting emotionally. Helps to produce a restful and relaxing atmosphere for deep sleep.

-Clary Sage: Euphoric, calming and sedative. Helps to relax the mind especially; may relieve headaches and allows for restful sleep, enhancing chances of dreams and lucid dreaming.

-Cedarwood: The scent of cedarwood inhaled may stimulate the limbic region of the brain, which is the center of emotions. It may stimulate the pineal gland, which releases melatonin, the sleeping chemical. Cedarwood is calming and purifying, promoting a tranquil atmosphere for sleeping.


A dream pillow has a relatively short shelf life because the herbs are exposed to air. The scent lasts for a couple of months if you store the pillow in a nightstand, away from heat and light. You can store them in a ziplock plastic bag to preserve the freshness of the oils.


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