Sandalwood Afro Pick


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Sandalwood Afro Pick

By BIG Nanny’s Hair Products

BIG Nanny’s Sandalwood Afro Picks have wide teeth to enable you to detangle and style your hair. Your personal sandalwood Afro Pick naturally possesses the beautiful fragrance of Sandalwood. This beautiful natural wood comb eliminates the risk of static.

NOTE: Do not use whilst washing hair.  To clean wash with gentle detergent and dry thoroughly. The comb will be maintained during the normal course of using your oils but alternatively you can use a light oil such as coconut oil to cate for your comb. Do not leave in water as product will expand.  Keep comb clean and in good condition.  Do not drop the comb on hard surfaces such as tiled floors as this may cause damage. Do not use the comb if it is broken or damaged in anyway.


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